Several multicolored wooden frames lined up on a table
The Process

At VuerichB we apply our craftsmanship to every step of the production process, focussing on the quality and details of each piece. The whole operation - design, pattern, prototype and model manufacturing - is made in our Barcelona workshop. We came up with the idea of recycling of skateboard decks to make eyewear frames in 2010 - a concept never used before in the optical industry. The skateboard deck's are bought from Barcelona skaters. We can make four pairs of glasses from each deck. Each pair from the Board collection takes around 6 hours to be handcrafted. All products are carefully selected and tested to provide comfortable, sustainable and eco-friendly frames for the customer. We dedicate ourselves to research, and are constantly experimenting with materials to create new and unexpected objects.

Hands working on a piece of discarded skateboard
Hands fine tuning a temple for wooden eyewear frames
Hands sanding down the edge of the frame of wooden eyewear
The craftsmen inspecting each piece by hand. Several multicolored wooden frames lying on a table
Stacks of multicolored skateboard decks waiting to be recycled into wooden eyewear
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